Back in 1998, daughter Stephanie moved to Skagway, Alaska.  Little did we know this was the beginning of a long lasting relationship with Alaska for the entire family.  Mom and Dad, living in Wisconsin, soon followed for a visit, beginning a tradition of heading north to see their daughter and to explore the beauty of Alaska.  

In 2005 Stephanie moved to Seward to become the manager for a local kayaking company.  Her office was across the street from several rental cabins tucked between the trees of Shady Lane.  The cabins went up for sale and remained on the market for a couple years.   In the meantime, Thom and Laurie, and eventually son Thomi followed Stephanie to Seward after hearing her proclaim it 'the most beautiful place in Alaska.'

Stephanie daydreamed of purchasing the cabins until  one day the entire family decided to go for it.  Six month later Thom, Laurie, Thomi and Stephanie Millane were the proud owners of what was to become Millane's Serenity by the Sea Cabins.  With a lot of hard work from family, friends and significant partners we've created a place where we like to hang out, and we hope you do too.

We've put a lot of hard work into our place and we're proud to offer you a comfy cabin to call 'home' while visiting Seward.  We hope you leave with fond life-long memories of your time spent on Shady Lane.


Thom, Laurie, Stephanie and Thomi Millane (and Nika!)