History of Seward

History of Seward

The small city of Seward is nestled at the foot of Mount Marathon along the scenic shoreline of Resurrection Bay, a restless, fickle body of water teeming with abundant species of fish and amazing marine mammals. In 1792 the bay was sighted and named on Resurrection Day, Easter Sunday, by Alexander Baranof, the most famous of Alaska’s early Russian explorer-governors. Against a backdrop of peaks and passes sculpted by Ice Age glaciers, Seward’s ice-free harbor has long served as a natural gateway to the vast scenic and resource riches of Alaska’s huge interior.

The city of Seward was named for President Lincoln’s Secretary of State, William Henry Seward, the man who engineered the purchase of Alaska from Russia in 1867. The city was officially founded in 1903 on a long-abandoned Native village site, but the town had already been a Gold Rush encampment for at least a decade. Optimistic prospectors heard tales of a trail that led from Seward to riches-to-be, and on to Cook Inlet. That dogsled trail would indeed lead to the rich strikes at Hope and Sunrise and later to the bonanza at Iditarod, a place name commemorated in today’s Iditarod Sled Dog Race, and on to Nome.

Then in 1903, a party of railroad men arrived and laid out the present city in a traditional grid of city blocks and wide streets that would be familiar to anyone from similar small railroad towns across America. In the boasting spirit of frontier towns, one of Seward’s streets was named Millionaires Row for the gold barons, another was called Home Brew Alley for obvious reasons. The new railroad that was built to reach Cook Inlet (the city of Anchorage) was called the Alaska Central Railway. It would later become the Anchorage to Seward route of today’s Alaska Railroad.

Seward’s history is well documented in a variety of websites and can be seen close up and personally at the Resurrection Bay Historical Society Museum located at 239 6th Avenue on the lower level of the community library.

*Source www.Seward.com

What’s New in 2017, Major Marine Tours

New Orca Quest Cruise

One of our most exciting changes for 2017 is the addition of a new cruise: the Orca Quest Cruise! We are the only tour operator in Seward to offer an orca-focused cruise, and we are so excited to start running this unique cruise. Rather than following a set route like our other cruises, the Orca Quest Cruise will travel to areas where orca whales have recently been sighted. Our knowledgeable Captains will visit the local orca hot spots and will communicate with other vessels about recent orca sightings.

Each day on this cruise will be a unique cruising experience—you may stay in Resurrection Bay if the orcas are hanging out there, or you may cruise out to Kenai Fjords National Park. This cruise runs mid-May through mid-June, which is the prime time for orca whale watching due to the salmon runs that occur in the area at that time. To add to the unique experience, we will have a hydrophone onboard that will allow you to listen to the haunting calls of the orcas underwater. This will be an experience not to be missed!


Seward Ocean Excursions

Seward Ocean Excursions

Boat-based adventures in Seward, Alaska


"Seward Ocean Excursions offers year-round, boat-based adventures aboard the Missing Lynx, ranging from tours to SCUBA diving to just plain fun on the water. If you are seeking a more personalized Alaskan excursion."

"Welcome to Seward Ocean Excursions, providing year-round boat adventures and activities in beautiful Seward, Alaska.

Why choose us? Seward Ocean Excursions is a locally-owned and family-run business. We pride ourselves in providing custom, small group trips all year round.

Please check out the rest of our website for more information. Recent pictures, trip updates, specials, and more are frequently posted to our FaceBook page. We hope to hear from you soon!

-Captains Bixler and Krystin McClure"

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Thank the Troops – May 21

Seward is home to a beautiful military recreation camp and our patriotic spirit runs deep. From Armed Services Day through Memorial Day, Seward businesses come together to offer special activities, events, and discounts to our fellow citizens in uniform. We honor you with a special picnic kickoff at the Harbor Plaza, a combat fishing tournament, and other special activities for you and your family. It’s the least we can do to say “thank you”.

We want to help you make the most of your Seward-based R&R. Stay awhile – enjoy all we have to offer. You have served us, and we’re honored to return the favor.

Seward Mermaid Festival & Small Boat Harbor Opening

Seward Mermaid Festival & Small Boat Harbor Opening

May 20th, Seward Small Boat Harbor

10 AM - 6 PM AKDT


The 2017 Seward Small Boat Harbor Opening & Mermaid Festival is a community based event that welcomes a new summer season to the city of Seward, Alaska. The event is centered on ocean conservation & education, welcoming a new summer to the city & harbor, and celebration of everything mermaid! Come on down and enjoy live music, food & art vendors, beer garden, kid zone, face painting, mermaid costume contest, dunk tank and MUCH MORE!

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Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking, Fun for Everyone!

Seward, Alaska Sea Kayaking Adventure Tours 


Imagine sea kayaking in a place of turquoise blue waters teeming with whales and puffins, tidewater and alpine glaciers, protected coves and rugged cliffs under glorious skies. These visions become reality while kayaking in Kenai Fjords National Park and Resurrection Bay. Sea otters casually watch you as they feed on urchins and mollusks; seals follow you curiously as you kayak in silence; pods of orcas glide through the waters as they search for salmon...it's all here waiting for you.

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California Gray Whale Migration – April 1

Get an up close view of these mammoth travelers as they pass Resurrection Bay. The newly pregnant females lead the way, often arriving in late March. The males and juveniles follow, with the mothers with new calves bringing up the rear as late as early May. The males can reach up to 46 feet long and weigh up to 40 tons! Even the calves are large – around 19 feet long and 3,000 pounds.

From late March until early May, visitors can cheer them along on their journey from the comfort of Seward-based sightseeing cruises.


Summer Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Summer Will Be Here Before You Know It! 

Its not to early to make your reservations with Millane's Serenity by the Sea Cabins. 

Don't wait to long, we are starting to fill up for the summer. We also have cabins available in the Spring, Fall, and Winter. 

Here are some of Seward's events that occur throughout the year. 

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Signature Events: 

Whale Migration - April 1

Thank you to the Troops Combat Fishing - May 20

Harbor Opening and Mermaid Festival - May 19-20

Halibut Tournament - June 

4th of July Celebration - July 1-4

Mt. Marathon Race - July 4

Silver Salmon Derby - Aug 12-20

Music & Arts Festival - Sept 22-24

Energy Forum & Fair - October

Holiday Weekend - Dec. 2-4

To find our more about all the events and things to do in Seward click here http://www.seward.com/