Cabin 2 & 3 Updates - March 2015

We are currently updating the bathroom in our Aialik Glacier cabin #3.   We've also refinished the floors in both Cabins 2 & 3.

The old bathroom had the plastic surround around the tub area. The floor was wood, same as the rest of the cabin. 

Over the years the wood floor became worn out so we decided it would be best to replace it and as long as we are doing that we might as well do it right. We decided on a tile floor so we extended that to replace the surround. 

Stephanie and RC had most of the floor and walls removed prior to our arrival which was a tremendous help. Since then Thom has been hard at work putting up new waterproof walls and subfloor. Then he moved onto the taping and mudding and tiling. Thom has the tiles up, grouted and cleaned. Stephanie has the first coat of paint on. Thom is currently working on putting fixtures back on and adding a new sink and toilet.