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Kenai Fjords National Park Service

Where Mountains, Ice, and Ocean Meet

At the edge of the Kenai Peninsula lies a land where the ice age lingers. Nearly 40 glaciers flow from the Harding Icefield, Kenai Fjords' crowning feature. Wildlife thrives in icy waters and lush forests around this vast expanse of ice. Native Alutiiq relied on these resources to nurture a life entwined with the sea. Today, shrinking glaciers bear witness to the effects of our changing climate.

This is a great place to get tons of info. about our area. There is info. about Cruising, Exit Glacier, park info, and much more. 

Check it out. 

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The Cutest Cabin!

“This is the cutest cabin! It was raining/sleeting/snowing during our stay in Seward, but this cozy, warm cabin made our trip amazing! The cabin is approximately 5 minutes from Seward and is incredibly quiet! We loved staying here and will definitely be back in the summer. I've already recommended it to friends! Stephanie had a welcome sign out for us and the self check-in was incredibly convenient since we got a later start from Anchorage than we intended! ”


Northern Latitude Adventures - Spring Boat Tour

Today we were fortunate enough to take a bay tour with Northern Latitude Adventures and Captain Leif Brasher on the Hougacha(SP?). 

We started out from the small boat harbor with a group of 5. These are great cruises for small groups, couples, or individuals because the boat has a six person capacity. Its really a great way to meet new people and be right there with your captain for questions.  We met a very nice couple from NY and a gentleman from Argentina. 

Being early in the seasons we didn’t expect to see any whales in the bay so we set out to see Sea otters, Sea lions, Sea birds, Harbor seals and what ever else we could find. We were cruising along and the captain says I think I see a spout across the bay, its likely a porpoise. Lets go check it out, well it turned out to be a Humpback whale, and he spotted it from across the bay! We were able to watch it for quite some time before we moved on. It was a beautiful day. We saw Sea lions, Sea otters, Black legged Kity Wakes, Eagles, Glaciers, some beautiful coves and interesting landscape as well as some history about the WWII bunkers located around Resurrection Bay as well as history about the 64 Tsunami. 

To top it all off we got lunch, snacks and beverages along the way.  Couldn’t ask for a better day.  When you're in town you should check out Northern Latitude Adventures. 

Cabin 2 & 3 Updates - March 2015

We are currently updating the bathroom in our Aialik Glacier cabin #3.   We've also refinished the floors in both Cabins 2 & 3.

The old bathroom had the plastic surround around the tub area. The floor was wood, same as the rest of the cabin. 

Over the years the wood floor became worn out so we decided it would be best to replace it and as long as we are doing that we might as well do it right. We decided on a tile floor so we extended that to replace the surround. 

Stephanie and RC had most of the floor and walls removed prior to our arrival which was a tremendous help. Since then Thom has been hard at work putting up new waterproof walls and subfloor. Then he moved onto the taping and mudding and tiling. Thom has the tiles up, grouted and cleaned. Stephanie has the first coat of paint on. Thom is currently working on putting fixtures back on and adding a new sink and toilet.

Spring kayaking in Resurrection Bay!

Laurie, coming in for a landing!

Laurie, coming in for a landing!

What better way to celebrate the beginning of spring than with a short kayaking adventure on Resurrection Bay! It was a beautiful, clear and warm day in Seward. A great day for a paddle with  our friends John and Kat from Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking.  We left Lowell Point beach around 2:30 and headed out to Tonsina Point. The water was calm and clear which made for a nice easy paddle. We spotted a wide variety of birds along the way and an Eagle which surprised us by flying just feet over Stephanie’s kayak.

While at Tonsina Point we paddled up Tonsina creek as far as possible before it was impassable, watching for early season bears along the way. We turned around and head back down the creek towards Resurrection Bay and just as we approached the bridge we saw a large black wolf wearing red collar, imagine that! We headed back to Lowell Point beach watching for wildlife and spied a few interesting things below the surface of the water. By the time we reached Lowell Point everyone was enjoying the warm sun on their faces and didn’t want to land.

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a happy holidays from our family to yours.  2014 was a wonderful year, we are blessed to be able to share some of Alaska's beauty with you, and hope you can come and see us in 2015 to experience it all for yourselves.  Have a safe and happy holiday season, and new year!

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Autumn on Lowell Point in Seward Alaska

With fall comes the rain. With the rain comes beautiful and interesting mushrooms.

I'm not sure I would eat any of these, well because I don't know enough about mushrooms to tell if they are eatable? What I do know is they sure are pretty.

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"Destination Wedding Vacation”

"Destination Wedding Vacation”
5 of 5 starsReviewed July 10, 2013
My husband, son, and I traveled from Massachusetts for a wedding in Seward, AK on June 29, 2013. We stayed in Cabin 1- The Bear! It was so clean and cozy. My son loved the loft!

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Climbing Mount Marathon

'Jeep Trail' Trailhead

This weekend we had an opportunity to take advantage of a clear morning to hike Seward's iconic Mount Marathon.  Home to one of North America's longest running foot races, Marathon beckons to hikers as it looms high over Seward.  The trail isn't for the weak hearted (or legged) as it climb's 3022 feet in just under two miles, and descends much the same.  If you're game for straight up hiking, awesome views and straight down scrambling Mount Marathon is an epic hike.
First Glimpse of the Bay
Getting Above Tree Line

Getting into Marathon Bowl

Marathon Bowl from the ridge line.
Steep Incline
View from Racer's Summit
Seward from the Racer's Summit

Steep Down Trail

*Hiking Mt. Marathon is very challenging.  The terrain is STEEP and the trails are unmarked and can be hard to follow.  Always hike with a partner, a cell phone, appropriate clothing and a first aid kit.

Alaska State Fair!

One of our favorite summer/fall activities is the Alaska State Fair.  Livestock, giant vegetables, fair food and good music.  What else to you need in one place?!

Heading into the fair!

First stop RIBS!

Saturday=BUSY, but awesome!
Then the sun came out.  Even the fair has awesome scenery!


Bull's tend to win.

Thunder or a Glacier?

This is 


Recently while in SW Wisconsin a thunder storm rolled through. There was thunder and lightening everywhere. I love a good storm, the sounds the sights, the smells and how everything looks just a little bit greener afterwards. 
You may not know this but in the Seward area rarely if ever do we get to experience a thunder storm. 
You're probably asking yourself what a glacier has to do with any of this? 
When you experience the majesty of the glaciers close your eyes and listen. The sound a glacier makes with it creaking and cracking sounds very much like thunder. 
When I am viewing a glacier I can close my eyes and imagine I am in a thunder storm and when I am viewing a thunder storm I can close my eyes and imagine I'm in Alaska sitting on a boat or in a kayak in front of a glacier. 

This is 


Our little cabin #3 named after the great Aialik Glacier. 

Rain Rain Go Away...

Its been a rough week on the peninsula.  Rain, rain and more rain is wreaking havoc all throughout the area.

Roads flooding, levies compromised, power outages, bridges washing away or damaged, landslides, railroad damage, you name it.

Thankfully today the rain has stopped and the wind is calm so clean up can begin again.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the hard work and long hours that the crews and emergency people  have been putting in to keep Sewardites safe and taken care of during this tough time.  Especially the guys or gals that run the bulldozer in Lowell Point Creek, all I can say is,  wow, nerves of steel! If I ever find out who you are and I see you in the Yukon, you my friend are getting a beverage on me.

I have complete faith that the awesome people of Seward will jump right back in to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Thanks to everyone's positive thoughts and prayers.

If you would like to read more about the rainy days in Seward visit

Springtime in Seward...Wish you were here.

What's on the calendar for June you ask?

June 1, 2012 – June 30, 2012  Halibut Torunament

Daily tickets are $10, with a 3-day “weekender” ticket for $25.  Cash prizes awarded at the end of the tournament for the heaviest fish and the second and third place entries.  Daily prizes increase your odds of winning.  
Don't forget about all the fabulous shopping and Dining! 
To Mention Just a few...
"Brown and Hawkins has been in business in Alaska since 1900 and enjoys an excellent reputation. Lots of history here too --- B & H Building on the National Register of Historic Places, view old bank vault and lots of historic photos."  

1401 4th Ave Seward, AK 99664
(907) 224-8226