What’s New in 2017, Major Marine Tours

New Orca Quest Cruise

One of our most exciting changes for 2017 is the addition of a new cruise: the Orca Quest Cruise! We are the only tour operator in Seward to offer an orca-focused cruise, and we are so excited to start running this unique cruise. Rather than following a set route like our other cruises, the Orca Quest Cruise will travel to areas where orca whales have recently been sighted. Our knowledgeable Captains will visit the local orca hot spots and will communicate with other vessels about recent orca sightings.

Each day on this cruise will be a unique cruising experience—you may stay in Resurrection Bay if the orcas are hanging out there, or you may cruise out to Kenai Fjords National Park. This cruise runs mid-May through mid-June, which is the prime time for orca whale watching due to the salmon runs that occur in the area at that time. To add to the unique experience, we will have a hydrophone onboard that will allow you to listen to the haunting calls of the orcas underwater. This will be an experience not to be missed!