Summer Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Summer Will Be Here Before You Know It! 

Its not to early to make your reservations with Millane's Serenity by the Sea Cabins. 

Don't wait to long, we are starting to fill up for the summer. We also have cabins available in the Spring, Fall, and Winter. 

Here are some of Seward's events that occur throughout the year. 

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Signature Events: 

Whale Migration - April 1

Thank you to the Troops Combat Fishing - May 20

Harbor Opening and Mermaid Festival - May 19-20

Halibut Tournament - June 

4th of July Celebration - July 1-4

Mt. Marathon Race - July 4

Silver Salmon Derby - Aug 12-20

Music & Arts Festival - Sept 22-24

Energy Forum & Fair - October

Holiday Weekend - Dec. 2-4

To find our more about all the events and things to do in Seward click here