Let The Spotlight Shine on Stoney Creek Canopy Adventures!

Today's spotlight business is Stoney Creek Zip Line Tours

Stoney Creek does a great job, they have awesome guides and one of  the best Ziplines around. 

From Stoney Creek's website "The first zip traverse is a short 65 feet across the fall line, running fairly close to ground level and allowing riders a chance to become comfortable with the process. Still high along the valley wall, the second zip line travels 150 feet and lands 70 feet up the trunk of a huge Sitka spruce. The third traverse soars above the trees 1,200 feet back across the valley wall, skims above a giant glacial erratic, sails over a reflecting pond, and comes to a stop at a platform 75 feet up another Sitka spruce."

I can tell you that this is one adventure you won't want to miss out on!