Climbing Mount Marathon

'Jeep Trail' Trailhead

This weekend we had an opportunity to take advantage of a clear morning to hike Seward's iconic Mount Marathon.  Home to one of North America's longest running foot races, Marathon beckons to hikers as it looms high over Seward.  The trail isn't for the weak hearted (or legged) as it climb's 3022 feet in just under two miles, and descends much the same.  If you're game for straight up hiking, awesome views and straight down scrambling Mount Marathon is an epic hike.
First Glimpse of the Bay
Getting Above Tree Line

Getting into Marathon Bowl

Marathon Bowl from the ridge line.
Steep Incline
View from Racer's Summit
Seward from the Racer's Summit

Steep Down Trail

*Hiking Mt. Marathon is very challenging.  The terrain is STEEP and the trails are unmarked and can be hard to follow.  Always hike with a partner, a cell phone, appropriate clothing and a first aid kit.