Thunder or a Glacier?

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Recently while in SW Wisconsin a thunder storm rolled through. There was thunder and lightening everywhere. I love a good storm, the sounds the sights, the smells and how everything looks just a little bit greener afterwards. 
You may not know this but in the Seward area rarely if ever do we get to experience a thunder storm. 
You're probably asking yourself what a glacier has to do with any of this? 
When you experience the majesty of the glaciers close your eyes and listen. The sound a glacier makes with it creaking and cracking sounds very much like thunder. 
When I am viewing a glacier I can close my eyes and imagine I am in a thunder storm and when I am viewing a thunder storm I can close my eyes and imagine I'm in Alaska sitting on a boat or in a kayak in front of a glacier. 

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Our little cabin #3 named after the great Aialik Glacier.